“MannyMountains” is a man who is just like everyone else. I am a man who wants to live his dreams. I do not want to be selfish, I want to live my dreams by helping you live yours. Now how do I exactly plan on doing that? EASY!!! By me putting my thoughts, ideas, and philosophies out their via (YouTube) that is me about to do what I love. And what I want my videos to consist of is me spreading ideas and thoughts on:

  • NATURE!!
  • NATURE!!!!!!
  • YOGA

I want to spread veganism and of how your body is a key to your own success as well as just doing what you love can be the easiest thing you can ever do. I do not expect to get famous and nor do I want peoples money. I REALLY!! AM JUST SO!! PASSIONATE !! I love everyone and I want to help as many people out that I can with my positive and motivational videos. But in order for that to become possible I do need some extra money. I do have a job that I very much love and enjoy. But I really want to travel the world and see many different cultures and ways of living. I am having a rough time getting by so doing these thing are not yet possible, because I am a father of 3 beautiful babies (VICTORIA,VINCENTE, and GIOVANNI.)

I do not yet have enough money to buy the best camera and laptop and plane tickets. But through the ” LAW OF ATTRACTION”¬† I see it happening. Please all that I do ask is. If you can not donate that’s fine just. ( LIKE, SHARE,and FOLLOW) my journey. Let me do this for the whole universe.

If you can donate to my cause please do so by visiting.(  https://www.gofundme.com/mvc.php?route=search&term=MannyMountains  )

I love and appreciate you all and if you are still reading this I know you are interested in my stories and my life. So let me just say YOU ROCK. You are so damn awesome. You are the koolest person I know. And you are the perfect YOU!!. Please keep on being positive and please start living to live your dreams.

rock on UNIVERSE!!!
Manuel “MannyMountains” Roybal